Bringing together educational content and state-of-the-art technology

Our virtual reality solutions for zoos and aquariums, featuring live-action and animated educational content guided by marine biologists and wildlife experts, both educate and entertain guests – giving them the immersive experience of a lifetime.

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Edutainment Solutions

All of our solutions are simple to operate, easy to install and come preloaded with our custom created virtual reality experiences, guaranteed to impress your guests.
  • Controlled by a single attendant from a tablet
  • Motion-platform seats
  • Controlled by a single attendant from a tablet
  • Motion-platform seats
  • Minimum 700sqft
  • Climate controlled
  • Fully themed

Easy process​


Simply identify an area and we do the rest.


We do all the installation and training at no cost to you. The hardware and all the content is provided for free.


As your partner we train and support you to operate and succeed. We provide 24/7 support, marketing materials and guidance on how to best monetize the unit from our account management team.


•  Zero CapEx

•  Generate significant ancillary revenue

•  5-Star guest satisfaction

•  24hr tech support

“Our partnership with Immotion is really taking our mission and putting it all together. The content and the VR is educational based but it’s also entertaining as well, incorporating conservation, education with technology.”​

Greg Charbeneau
Vice President, OdySea Aquarium

Edutainment Experiences

Shark Dive
Travel with us as we try to find Tiger Beach – a mythic underwater strip where some of the world’s largest sharks, including apex predator tiger sharks, are said to gather.
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Swimming with Humpbacks is a dynamic educational journey, following a marine biologist who sets out to learn about the behavior of mother humpback whales and their calves.
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An inspiring animated story of a young seafarer’s awakening to the ecological issues facing our oceans, before finding unexpected beauty beneath the waves.
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Venture with Dr. Tara Stoinski of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund into Volcanoes National Park to document the family dynamics of the critically-endangered mountain gorillas of Rwanda.
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Delivering Edutainment

We keep good company

Award-winning directors, world-class CGI experts and state-of-the-art motion platform technology that delivers the perfect audience experience.