Go further and impress your guests with thrilling virtual reality

From your venue to outer space and back, virtual reality expands the boundaries of what you can offer your visitors, generating impressive ancillary revenue and unrivalled guest satisfaction.
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Solutions for entertainment centers

  • This first-person shooter (FPS) game, multiplayer arena takes guest interactivity to a new level.
  • Bringing together VIVE technology and the globally renowned Survios VR game RAW DATA.
  • Motion platform technology syncs movement with our amazing experiences to truly immerse your guests.
  • Easily operated by one attendee.
  • This 4-seat VR cinema is another turnkey solution, allowing for dramatic experiences in a footprint that is only 12ft x 6ft (4m x 2m).
  • Controlled by a touch screen display.
  • Motion platform technology syncs movement with our amazing experiences to truly immerse your guests.
  • Content can be adapted to destination specific experiences to achieve a one of a kind offering.
  • This 12-seat VR cinema offers the opportunity for significant guest throughput with a footprint of only 16ft x 12ft (5m x 4m).
  • Controlled by a single attendant from a tablet, this installation can be run either on a fixed schedule of showtimes, or on attendance-based model.
  • Complete motion seating experience.
  • Supplied with our unique VR experiences, tailored to your audience.
  • The 24-seat VR cinema offers significantly increased throughput with minimal increase to footprint over the VX12. 20ft x 8ft (6m x 2.5m).
  • All guests experience the same thing at the same time through wireless sync technology.
  • Complete motion seating experience.
  • Captures the imagination of the young and old alike.
  • Can be operated by as few as two attendants.

Easy installation process​



Identify a suitable space at your venue – footprint requirements from just 30sqft (9msq).

Our Installation team are on hand to help guide each partner through the process of selecting a suitable location for their new immersive VR attraction.



Our risk-free revenue share based model means we provide the hardware, content and installation with no CapEx required by the partner.

Our specially trained Installation and Technical teams work to ensure minimum disruption during the installation phase; whilst also providing on-site training and support to the partners employees.*



Designed to educate through entertainment, whilst generating impressive ancillary revenue for partner institutions.

Partners receive new content releases at no extra cost. Ongoing support is available from our Technical, Marketing and Partner Performance teams.*

*Immotion charge $1,250.00 per headset for installation, training and partner marketing asset-toolkit to get partners up and running in the best shape. This cost can be spread over the first 6 months.

“Our partnership with Immotion is really taking our mission and putting it all together. The content and the VR is educational based but it’s also entertaining as well, incorporating conservation, education with technology.”​

Greg Charbeneau
Vice President, OdySea Aquarium

Entertainment center experiences

This ghost train ride used to be the most popular ride at the fair, until the fair closed. Now Jinx is inviting you to travel through his strange and captivating world.

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Head into deep space on an action packed ride that takes you across distant galaxies, hurtling through asteroid fields and into epic space battles.

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Taking you higher than any theme park dares, this VR coaster brings you to the top of the tallest skyscraper, and back down in an intense white-knuckle ride.

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Action-packed immersive gameplay with intuitive controls, where you will be challenging enemies within the surreal world of Eden Corp.

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We keep good company

Award-winning directors, world-class CGI experts and state-of-the-art motion platform technology that delivers the perfect audience experience.