The health and safety of our users is our number one priority at Immotion, and in an effort to provide the highest level of protection against Covid-19, we have established a comprehensive three-step hygiene protocol for our VR installations around the world.

  Step 1

The headset, seat and hand rests are wiped down with a disposable anti-viral disinfectant wipe before each new guest.

  Step 2

Each guest is provided with a disposable protective hygiene mask to wear under the headset.

  Step 3

The headset, seats and hand rests are wiped down again with an anti-viral disinfectant wipe after each guest.

In addition to this hygiene protocol, we ask that our partners observe all social distancing and safety regulations that are recommended by their local jurisdictions.

With these comprehensive protocols in place, we are confident that we can offer a safe and satisfying VR experience for all our guests.

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