Immotion launches largest VR theatre at Milwaukee Zoo

Gorilla Trek opens to huge crowds.

Immotion launched its latest immersive experience centre, Gorilla Trek, at Milwaukee Zoo, USA this weekend.

Crowds flocked to the virtual reality theatre to check out the new offering. Visitors were transported to the mountains of Africa, the home of the mountain silverback Gorilla, in a magical virtual reality experience.

Giving visitors the ability to see the natural environment of these majestic beasts is a world first for both Immotion and Milwaukee zoo. Complete with extensive pre-show where visitors can learn more about silverback gorillas, their environment and how they interact They then complete the adventure on board a motion platform seat where they’re transported via virtual reality to the jungle of Africa. They experience up close the hierarchy of the gorilla troop, their personalities and who’s in charge.

With visitors giving the Gorilla Trek immersive experience the thumbs up, it looks as though Immotion has another winner on its hands.