The Best VR News Sites

Wondering how to keep up to date with the VR industry?

Below follows a short summary of some great places to learn more about the revolutionary technology that is Virtual Reality.

As virtual reality grows within the consumer, creative and business market the pace of developments and stories have started to pick up. The links below are all exclusively dedicated to breaking news about the virtual world.

Established websites like these below now curate their own sub sections just for VR. If you are looking for broader topics, theories and issues around the virtual world these sites will be perfect for you. Established professionals within the virtual industry are writing articles on everything from social implications to VR’s artistic uses.

While without specific pages for virtual reality, it is not uncommon to find well crafted articles for a longer reads in esteemed publications like FT and Forbes. Below are a few examples of interesting recent articles.

180 South
26th March 2018

What is Virtual Reality?

“Why shouldn’t people be able to teleport wherever they want” - Palmer Luckey Virtual Reality (VR) is the

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26th March 2018

The History of Virtual Reality

“With appropriate programming such a display could literally be the Wonderland into which Alice walked.” – Ivan Sutherland

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26th March 2018

The Quickening tide of Virtual Reality 2018

“We want to get a billion people into VR” - Mark Zuckerberg Three months in and Virtual Reality

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