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Attract and retain customers with our extensive range of VR Cinema Pods and unique experiences, supported by branded set-ups and bespoke solutions.

Immotion VR

As our customer-facing solution, Immotion VR provides consistent, high quality immersive experiences for guests in every location. With sites located across the country in high-footfall, centre-aisle positions, the Immotion VR brand stands out as a unique, low-cost activity for all ages. Recognised for its unique design and set-up – with 6 to 8 seats per site – simple operation and ever-changing experiences keep guests returning to immerse themselves in exciting virtual realities.

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Working closely with some of the world’s leading tourist attractions and visitor destinations, our concessions business solutions serve to extend and enhance the experiences at museums, zoos, discovery centres and a wide range of other locations. Branding and design is tailored to the attraction, whilst custom content is created to offer an unrivalled immersive reality experience that’s educational, informational, and engaging. Staff are also supplied and paid for by Immotion, to ensure seamless operation at all times.

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Turnkey and Commercial Solutions

Delivering turnkey and commercial solutions to a range of high-profile clients around the world, we’re able to offer completely bespoke VR experiences and full-scale immersive attractions. We regularly conduct industry-leading research and development, to pave the way for future virtual reality solutions, working with businesses around the world. From individual ‘walk-around’ VR experiences to comprehensive virtual reality centres, we can develop any solution you require.

Hardware Solution Sales

Immotion prides itself on delivering unique state of the art VR Simulation Systems as either one off purchases or as part of a turn-key solution. All Immotion products come equipped with our in-house Content Management System and a host of the latest VR Experiences. Shipped and supported from our European and North American service centers Immotion products are ideal for existing Location Based Entertainment Centers such as FECs, and Edutainment Centers such as Museums and Aquariums. Contact our in-house sales and design team for further information.

Easy Content Management

The Immotion Software Platform is a proprietary set of tools designed to assist our customers. Our reliable and intuitive content & hardware management platform gives you complete control of experiences & analytics from anywhere in the world.

Intuitive web based interface enables one click installation of games across the entire network of machines. The system allows the purchase of credits as well as licensing of games and experiences. Thanks to the advanced analytics tools Immotion customers can make data driven decisions and act on current consumer trends. The system also offers an advanced set of ‘marketing tools’ allowing operators to change the display on the terminals, whether this be pricing information, or marketing videos. For Content creators, the “Content Creation” functionality provides each developer with the Immotion Software Development Kit (SDK), compatible with Unity and Unreal game engine. When developers are producing experiences for the Immotion VR Cinema Pods the SDK allows them to sync the visual element with that of the motion platform in a precise manner.

05th September 2018

Intu to House Three New ImmotionVR Centres

ImmotionVR is expanding this autumn with new locations around the country Following the success of

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15th August 2018

Delta Zero VR

Immotion is proud to release it's first VR exclusive produced in collaboration with Lunar Animation.

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12th July 2018

Immotion gets AIM listed

UK-headquartered virtual reality start-up Immotion will go public on Thursday and plans to raise £5.75m

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