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Our fully immersive platforms deliver incredible virtual reality content, with stunning wrap around sound and multi-directional movement. Each self-contained pod maximises floor space, is easy to set up and can be branded to your location.

VR Cinema Pod



Building on the classic functionality of the global best-selling Moon Chair VR Cinema Pod, the VX1 combines two individual bucket seats to create a unique, immersive environment. Fully upgraded with state-of- the-art technology, the VX1 offers a minimal footprint to maximise floor space. Combine multiple units into a single network to create a cost- effective VR Cinema Zone.


Height of chair 185cm
Width of chair 180cm
Depth of chair 120cm
Height of AIO display 190cm
Width of AIO display 75cm
Depth of AIO display 60cm
Combined weight 235kg
Footprint 4m2


Headset Deepoon E3
CPU 17-7700K
GPU Gtx 1070
Hard drive M.2.SSD
Av Experience time 5 minutes
Recommended set up X4 Units


The Immotion Software Platform is a proprietary set of tools designed to assist our customers. Our reliable and intuitive content & hardware management platform gives you complete control of experiences & analytics from anywhere in the world.

Intuitive web based interface enables one click installation of games across the entire network of machines. The system allows the purchase of credits as well as licensing of games and experiences. Thanks to the advanced analytics tools Immotion customers can make data driven decisions and act on current consumer trends. The system also offers an advanced set of ‘marketing tools’ allowing operators to change the display on the terminals, whether this be pricing information, or marketing videos. For Content creators, the “Content Creation” functionality provides each developer with the Immotion Software Development Kit (SDK), compatible with Unity and Unreal game engine. When developers are producing experiences for the Immotion VR Cinema Pods the SDK allows them to sync the visual element with that of the motion platform in a precise manner.

24th June 2019

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14th June 2019

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12th June 2019

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